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There are a lot of things we can do to improve our personal over-all well-being. We can exercise, eat healthier, but there is nothing we can do about our blood type.

Your blood type determines what you are subject to, that is which diseases you are more likely to get.

It determines the microscopic substance which we inherit from our parents which lives on the surface of our red blood cells.

This substance is in interaction with our immune system in a way that it determines how big is the risk of getting certain diseases. Depending on whether you are A, B, AB or O you can be more or less inclined towards certain diseases.

People with blood type AB have a higher risk of cognitive disorders

A research conducted and published in the magazine Neurology shows that especially elder people what have blood type AB are subject to problems with studying and remembering certain things.

This blood type is connected with certain coagulation factors and proteins in the blood, says the co-author of the research, D-r. Maria Kushman.

People with blood type B have a 26% lower risk of stomach cancer

According to a research published in the magazine American Journal of Epidemiology says that the risk of stomach cancer is 26% higher with other blood types.

The biggest reason for this is the bacterium Helicobacter Pylori. About 1/3 of people have this bacterium in their stomach. However, people that have A or AB blood type have a somewhat stronger reaction to this bacterium. Therefore, the risk of getting cancer also increases.

On the other hand, this same bacterium increases the chances of stomach ulcer.

People with blood type 0 have the lowest risk of cardiovascular diseases

People that have 0 blood type have 23% lower risk of cardiovascular diseases, according to researchers done at the Institute for Public Health at the Harvard University. Amongst the other blood types, there is a higher chance of negative reaction on the inflammatory processes in the organism.

People with blood type A have problems with cholesterol

Unlike other blood types, the positive news for people that have blood type A is that their chances of sterility are the lowest. This especially applies to women, who have a higher number of egg cells and in some way they are “protected” from the possibility of sterility.

On the other hand, these people can easily gain weight and have problems with cholesterol if they aren’t careful about what they eat.

Even though it seems that the blood type plays a role whether you are going to get a certain disease, it is not certain how big that influence is. The best advice is that you stick to a healthy way of life, eat healthy food, exercise regularly and take care of things that you can control.

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