You Should Take This Every Morning: 1 Teaspoon Cinnamon Dust And Look What Happens To Your Body!

Cinnamon is a condiment with gratifying aroma and flavor, and it is not only a spice, but an ingredient that greatly benefits our health. It is a food rich in fiber since 100 grams of this seasoning contain 54.30 grams of fiber. This food also has a high amount of calcium and is also one of the foods with more iron.Cinnamon is considered a “miracle food” and science has shown that its components provide many health benefits.What happens to our body if we take a spoonful of cinnamon powder in the morning?Your body responds to insulin more effectively and regulates blood sugar levels. The correct digestion of food is favored and intestinal discomfort is alleviated. Reduce and combat the proliferation of cancer cells in our body…Watch more below and click in the link!!!

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