It isn’t easy to reduce the stomach but these exercises will definitely help you with that. These are a few simple exercises that you can do at your home but don’t forget that you should do them on a regular basis if you want some results.


You should place yourself in a pushup position. The elbows in straight line with the upper body and the toes a bit raised. Keep this position, the muscles tight, and take a deep breath. Hold this position as much as you can and you will strengthen your muscles and improve your balance at the same time.


Lie on the floor with your face towards it and your legs extended. Push yourself in a plank position and bring the left knee to your right elbow. Take a break and then repeat the same with your other leg. Do 10 rep. on both sides.


Start with a plank position and your hands on the floor. Now, pull your leg towards your chest and hold it for 10 sec. then repeat the same thing with your other leg. Repeat this exercise as much as you can.


Lie on the floor with your face towards the ceiling and put your hands behind your head. Lift the knees about 90 degrees, raise the upper body and start moving your legs as you are riding a bicycle. Try rotating the torso while you are moving your legs.


Lie on the floor with your face towards the ceiling and the arms behind the head. Lift your upper body but don’t move your legs and the go back to the starting position. Repeat as much as you can.


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