Preborn Babies Enjoy Music And ‘Sing Along’ At Just 16 Weeks Gestation

For the first time ever, it has been scientifically proven that preborn babies are able to detect sound and respond to music at just 16 weeks gestation — and they even sing along — proving that every preborn child is able to experience joy and appreciate music, just like any other living human being.After playing a wide variety of music for 300 preborn babies, researchers from Spain released the results of their intriguing study in June. These babies were 18 to 38 weeks old, and their love for classical and traditional music was easy to observe. The tiny children were treated to an eclectic concert of Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, Christmas carols, Adele, Queen, and more.The study was conducted by the Institut Marquès, in Barcelona, Spain. The Institut published an earlier study in 2015, concluding that “preborn babies can hear and respond to music much sooner than previously believed. ‘For the first time ever,’ it can be scientifically proven that a preborn baby detects and responds to sound at 16 weeks gestation” or when the baby is only 4.3 inches long…Watch more below and click in the link!!!

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