Pandemic “Clade X” could kill 900 million people and we’re totally unprepared

A team of researchers at John Hopkins University (USA) has used a modeling method to show that a new flu-like pathogen, Clade X, could kill up to 900 million people.According to the scenario, the fictitious pathogen is no more dangerous than the diseases currently widespread, such as atypical pneumonia (SARS, severe acute respiratory syndrome). It should show how governments and health authorities would react to the rapid spread of a deadly virus, the magazine said.In the context of the simulated pandemic, the virus to be transmitted by coughing killed 150 million people in less than two years. That is twice as much as the population of France.Research Director Eric Toner told Business Insider that if efforts to develop a vaccine continued without success, such a disease would kill 900 million people – more than ten percent of the world’s population…Watch more below and click in the link!!!

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