Autistic Man Wandered The Desert For 3 Weeks, And Stayed Alive On Frogs And River Water

28-year old William Michael LaFever, an autistic adult, would go on a hiking trip much like the ones he’d been on before. William, who is a pretty experienced hiker, fell into some unforeseen circumstances, ended up in dire straits after deciding to follow the Escalante River. Three weeks from the last time his family had heard from him, he was miraculously found albeit emaciated and majorly dehydrated.Read about his astonishing story of survival, and how he managed to stay alive by eating frogs, foraging for roots and drinking river water.William Michael LaFever is the only son of John and Anita LaFever and brother to Lisa. William was diagnosed autistic, but managed to live alone, take care of himself and was quite passionate about hiking, being considered an avid trekker…Watch more below and click in the link!!!

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